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I've Got A Story For Sale

I've Got A Story For Sale

Stewart Hillhouse
Stewart Hillhouse

I've got a story for sale. And so do you.

It's nearly impossible to be differentiated without having a unique story to tell.

Two identical products can be sold for wildly different prices simply because of the story they're selling.

While it's the purchase of the product that captures the value, it's the storytelling beforehand that creates the value.

But a meaningful brand story is not just a bunch of relevant intentions strung together and a clean appearance. Your actions must act in lockstep with the story you are crafting.

To say one thing, but then deliver or act another way will immediately sour the relationship with the customer.

Because the story you tell your customers is the story they tell others.

There's no one policing how "good" or "bad" your story is other than your customers (or lack thereof).

Your story might not yet exist, and that's probably a good thing. Crafting that story should take time. It should be an ongoing conversation between you and your customers.

So in the mean time, act like yourself. Tell your story honestly and proudly.

And don't forget what you're really selling: a feeling.

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