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How To Make Content Work For You (And Your Company) with Amanda Natividad

How To Make Content Work For You (And Your Company) with Amanda Natividad

Stewart Hillhouse
Stewart Hillhouse

The best B2B content marketers know that there's a fine line between getting results now, and setting yourself up for success in the future. Amanda Natividad joins Stewart Hillhouse to explain how content works for both businesses and your career.

Who's The Guest?

πŸ‘€ Name: Amanda Natividad

πŸ’ͺ What They Do: Amanda Natividad is Head of Content at ShipBob

🌐 Amanda on the web: LinkedIn | Twitter | Website

🧠 Best Advice:

You need short term KPIs to aim for as you're waiting for a long-term SEO to kick in

It might take 4-8 months to see meaningful SEO results. Sales enablement content is a great way to Β create short term useful content while also getting really close to the customer to learn about them.

Content marketing is getting really, really wide

You need to have a specialist in every role at every channel to really make content marketing work for you.

The future: a few leaders who each oversee strategy of each channel, then a small team executing that channel

The upfront cost of video production for youtube is super high

Businesses that choose to go that way will need to be alright with the reality that they might not see direct ROI for several months

Use content as a service to enable other departments within the company

Getting "hired" by other internal departments to do a really good job on customer education and sales enablement content.

This will prevent your focus from getting dragged away from strategic content, while still doing high ROI activities.

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