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Stewart Hillhouse

Writing In Public: Why, How & What's Next with Stew Fortier

There has never been a better time to share your ideas publicly as a writer. But at the same time, it has never been harder to stand out from the crowd. Stew Fortier joins Stewart Hillhouse on this episode of Top Of Mind to explain the ins and outs of

Stewart Hillhouse

Create For An Experience, Not For A Result

While planning a creative project, defining success based on specific results can feel like the right way to measure yourself: Number of subscribers, revenue generated, words published. But while looking for specific results seems logical, it also often leads to a sense of failure even if the project goes well.

Stewart Hillhouse

Act Like A Journalist, Not A Columnist

When starting to write, a fear might slip into your head that's hard to ignore. Who am I to say what I'm saying? It can be frightening sharing your opinion with the world for fear of attracting haters, naysayers, or worse, experts who are going to disprove me. But waiting

Stewart Hillhouse

How I Started With The End In Mind

There's a tremendous amount of uncertainty when getting started on anything. So before I started my podcast and writing online, I first imagined what end-goal I was seeking. I call this my North Star — an indicator I can look up at when the path is uncertain and know that I

Stewart Hillhouse

Swimming Upstream From An Idea

When I come across an interesting idea, I used to take it at face value: "Well, that's cool. Whoever thought of that must have been really smart." But that singular idea often doesn't tell the whole story. There's more to know and understand. Ideas are like a flowing river. There

Stewart Hillhouse

Shipping 30 Atomic Topics in 30 Days

Starting on November 16 I’ll be publishing one short article a day for 30 days. I was in eager to participate for a few reasons: Atomic TopicsIn preparation for shipping 30 pieces of writing in 30 days, the organizer Dickie Bush recommended positioning your writing as Atomic Topics. I