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Things I've written that folks enjoyed reading the most.

Stewart Hillhouse

Breakdown of Vacation Inc's DTC Sunscreen Launch

If you dabble in Direct To Consumer (DTC) Twitter at all, you would have do doubt seem a wave of 80's beach vacation inspired business cards flood your feed. The most genius presale campaign I have ever come across. Also i think I got the best job?

Stewart Hillhouse

How To Ruin Your Brand Overnight: The Robinhood Story

Even if you have no interest in investing or the stock market, you've no doubt heard of the stock trading app Robinhood after the fiasco that went on between the Reddit community r/WallStreetBets and hedge funds in early February 2021. I'm not going to get into the financial details

Stewart Hillhouse

Turning Attention Into Trust

What's the point of marketing? The outcome you're seeking might be different than mine, but this questions boils down to one thing: turning attention into trust. With enough money and Facebook ads, you can get the attention of nearly anyone on this planet. But attention is an empty way of

Stewart Hillhouse

There's No Such Thing As Being Too Specific

Be specific – as specific as possible. Be specific about everything: Who you're creating forWhat others will learn from youWhat topics within larger topics you coverEverything. Traditional knowledge would have us think that appealing to the largest audience possible would be the best move. But the opposite is actually true. The

Stewart Hillhouse

Pick Your Audience, Pick Your Future

The group of people that you serve is going to dictate a lot. Both about your future opportunities and the type of work you'll be doing. Because growing an audience is not an overnight task (and if it did happen overnight, then don't be surprised if it disappears just as

Stewart Hillhouse

Commodity + Brand = Novelty

How strong is your brand? It's a hard thing to measure. A quick way to find out is by asking your audience: "Will you buy a t-shirt from me?" To see the power of a brand, start by looking at merchandise. Presuming your main business is not selling t-shirts, asking

Stewart Hillhouse

First Ask: What Am I Really Sick Of?

When asked how his show Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee originated in a 2017 interview, Jerry Seinfeld replied: "It’s very important to know what you don’t like. For me, that was talk shows [with] people who are really there to sell their show or product. A big part

Stewart Hillhouse

30 Lessons Learned From Publishing 30 Podcast Episodes

The first thing you need to do is record a 30 second Trailer episode. This will help for two reasons: β€’ It will force you to write the press release before the podcast goes live. Consider this your elevator pitch for why someone should plug you into their ears for the

Stewart Hillhouse

The First 180 Days Building an Audience - 5 Lessons Learned

At the end of 2019, I decided to begin getting serious about building a personal audience. My driving reason: to be able to travel anywhere in the world and be able to get a beer with a local who follows my work. And while that reason might seem strange, it