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The 3 Ps of Content: Purpose, Platform, Project

The 3 Ps of Content: Purpose, Platform, Project

Stewart Hillhouse
Stewart Hillhouse

The first step in building an audience requires that you put out content. Content allows you to externalize your thoughts and opinions. This will create opportunities for likeminded people to find your ideas and become attracted to your work.

In order to consistently create content, there are three aspects you must consider.


Why are you doing this? What big idea or insight is going to motivate you when you're tired and growth is slow?

It's best to not attach your purpose to any external factors (such as number of subscribers, dollars). I've found it to work best if it's an internal metric that you can control (happiness, relationships).


Now you must choose your platform — how you're going to begin sharing your ideas. The three I'd suggest are podcasts, videos, or blogs. Start with a medium that you find most comfortable with (you can always change later).

Pair that long-form platform with a short-form platform that compliments the medium. For example if you choose blogging, Twitter would be a good complimentary platform to begin getting distribution.


Creating original content everyday is tough unless you've built a process and constraints. One process I've found to be effective is creating content around a particular project you're undertaking.

Originally, my project was starting a podcast. Sharing thoughts and learnings about starting a podcast gives me another thing to talk about and gives my audience a view behind the curtain.

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