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The Content Feedback Staircase

The Content Feedback Staircase

Stewart Hillhouse
Stewart Hillhouse

Creating content is the cheapest and fastest way to get validation of an idea.

But some types of content require much more time and effort to produce.

I've found that getting feedback on your content is similar to a staircase. You want to start with a low risk style of content to get your footing. Then once you find an idea that others respond favourably to, you can confidently move onto the next step that requires more resources with confidence it'll be worth it.

My Feedback Staircase looks like this:

Only pursue the next step once the previous one has been validated

Social Media

Posting on social is a good barrier for entry because if I can't explain a concept in less than 50 words, it doesn't make sense to spend more time on. Based on how the idea resonates with my audience, I'll re-think it or note it as a topic that I should dig deeper into.


Once I know there's interest in a topic, I'll then seek out an expert guest on that topic. This is where I learn the most and seed new ideas to test.


Once I have a grasp on the topic from speaking with an expert, I then take the time to write my perspective as a longer form blog post.

My staircase is relatively short, but that's by design. I'm strategically looking for what my next step will be based on feedback rather than what I hope will work.

Test, refine, repeat.

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