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Content Creators: The New Marketing Agency with Roger Figueiredo

Content Creators: The New Marketing Agency with Roger Figueiredo

Stewart Hillhouse
Stewart Hillhouse

Professional content creators are amazing at creating engaging content that their audiences love. So for a partnership between a brand and a creator to work, there need to be some ground rules. Roger Figueiredo joins Stewart Hillhouse to explain how the best partnerships are formed.

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Who's The Guest?

šŸ‘¤ Name: Roger Figueiredo

šŸ’Ŗ What They Do: Roger is the VP of Marketing at #Paid

šŸŒ Roger on the web: LinkedIn | Twitter

šŸ§  Best Advice: If you're going to partner with a creator to make content for your brand, trust them with what they're best at. Give them a brief, but trust that they will know what kind of content is right for their audience (and will sell your product).

Episode Takeaways

A short summary of the most actionable takeaways and best advice of the episode.

How Content Creators Can Work With Brands

Influencer Marketing Throughout The Funnel

Influencer marketing can be very flexible and be used for a number of marketing outcomes

Top of funnel:

  • Brand awareness
  • Lifestyle content
  • High-volume search terms

Middle of funnel:

  • How-tos & tutorials
  • Day-in-the-life & behind-the-scenes content
  • Reviews & comparisons

Bottom of funnel:

  • Unboxing content
  • Discount codes & affiliate marketing
  • Brand collaboration & brand ambassador

Content Creators Are The New Marketing Agency

Marketing agencies exist because they offer creative and distribution services. Content creators can offer both, and are often much less expensive than hiring an agency.

If done correctly, the relationship between a content creator and a brand can lead to an ongoing collaboration and long-term work.

Turning Audiences Into Equity

Having an audience has a lot of perks. But it's also not a guarantee revenue generator. The next step for a lot of influencers it to turn their audience into equity. There are a few ways they can do this:

  • Building a product
  • Investing
  • Partnering with a brand
  • Creating software
  • Creating subscriptions

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