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How To Make Ads That Feel Like A TV Show with Danielle Hope Diamond

How To Make Ads That Feel Like A TV Show with Danielle Hope Diamond

Stewart Hillhouse
Stewart Hillhouse

The most effective video ads don't try to be ads – they try to be the TV show. Danielle Hope Diamond joins Stewart Hillhouse to share how you can create video content that your audience will actually want to watch.

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Who's The Guest?

👤 Name: Danielle Hope Diamond

💪 What They Do: Danielle Hope Diamond is the Founder of Epiq Media

🌐 Danielle on the web: LinkedIn | Twitter

🧠 Best Advice:

Danielle's framework for creating engaging B2B storylines:

  • Connect with prospects in terms of the problem: Don't make your videos about you – make it about the problem.
  • Make fun of the problem: Now that you've got their attention, satirize the problem, give it a face, make it really obvious that it's the villain.

This works because it helps answer: "what can you help me with" (which is why someone is on your website in the first place).

Comedic narrative videos are great for top of funnel.

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