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The Good, Bad & Profitable of Influencer Marketing with Angelic Vendette

The Good, Bad & Profitable of Influencer Marketing with Angelic Vendette

Stewart Hillhouse
Stewart Hillhouse

As social media continues to mature, so too will the role of influencer marketing on our feeds. Angelic Vendette joins Stewart Hillhouse on this episode of Top Of Mind to share what happens behind the scenes of highly effective influencer marketing campaigns, and some pitfalls to look out for.

Who's The Guest?

šŸ‘¤ Name: Angelic Vendette

šŸ’Ŗ What They Do: Angelic is the Head of Social Media and Influencer Marketing at Stitch Fix.

šŸŒ Angelic on the web: LinkedIn | Twitter

šŸ§  Best Advice: The point of social media is to have a conversation with your audience. Every day you have to assess what your brand is putting out and ask yourself: "Does it still make sense to have this conversation with our audience."

Episode Takeaways

A short summary of the most actionable takeaways and best advice of the episode.

What's The Point Of Social Media?

Let's be honest, social media isn't the fun little distraction it used to be. It's now the most direct line of communication you can have with your customers.

So rather than try to stuff promotions and offers down their throats, treat your brand's social media like a conversation between your brand and your customers.

But it's also important to not be deaf to current affairs and culture. Every day you must assess whether your content still makes sense to post. Ask yourself: "Is this the kind of conversation my customer would want to be having right now?".

If the answer is no, shelve it for later.

šŸ’„ Top Of Mind Takeaway: Treat every post that goes up like an opportunity to have a conversation with your customers. Be fun to talk to, but also know when to shut up.

Be Sure To Use Influencers Who Appreciate Your Product

Homework To Do Before Choosing To Work With An Influencer

  • Understand their stats like engagement, shares, and positive sentiment in the comments. Use tools like Sprout Social or Sprinklr or Social Studio.
  • Check for bots - Make sure that their comments and engagements are real
  • Assess their audience Ā - Are they receptive to promoted content or are allergic to it?

šŸ’„ Top Of Mind Takeaway: Just because someone has a lot of followers doesn't mean they'll help sell your product. Do your own due diligence when selecting brand partners to ensure they're legit.

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