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Level-Up Your Content Repurposing Game with Amber Khan

Level-Up Your Content Repurposing Game with Amber Khan

Stewart Hillhouse
Stewart Hillhouse

Being consistent at creating content can become an annoying chore if you don't have the right systems in place. Amber Khan joins Stewart Hillhouse to share her system for creating thumb-stopping content.

Who's The Guest?

šŸ‘¤ Name: Amber Khan

šŸ’Ŗ What They Do: Amber is a bestselling author and the Founder and CEO of Repurpose Den, a content creation and repurposing agency.

šŸŒ Amber on the web: LinkedIn | Twitter

šŸ§  Best Advice: You figure out what you're meant to do through sharing content. Once you get started, you'll be able to start carving out your own niche from there.

Episode Takeaways

A short summary of the most actionable takeaways and best advice of the episode.

Produce Value-First Content

If you're just getting started sharing your ideas online, it's nearly impossible to know exactly what niche you'll end up in.

Amber's biggest advice: start by talking about things that are interesting to you and share your most valuable tips. Eventually you'll figure out what you're supposed to be putting out and your niche will become more obvious.

šŸ’„ Take Action: Getting started with what you know is the fastest and most predictable way to begin building an audience. You'll find that the more you share, the more ideas you'll have.

Looking For Content Ideas? Look At The Comment Section

Go find others who are creating content in your niche. Look to the comment section to see what kinds of questions their audience is asking.

Take the best ones that are most relevant to your work and answer their questions.

Another way to do this is to look up your niche on Amazon and look to the review section. Filter to take a look at what the 2-3 star reviews had to say (they're the least biased and will often be the most constructive in their comments).

Be Like A Rockstar - Play Your Hits Night After Night

If you went to go see your favourite band and they didn't play at least one of their most popular songs, you'd probably feel a little bit cheated.

Rock bands don't just play their hit once and never re-play it again. They play it night after night because they're Entertainers.

When creating content, remember that you're allowed to repeat yourself. Make slight adjustments to your ideas and over time you'll develop a whole vocabulary around what you think and what you do.

šŸ’„ Take Action: Find a post from more than 3 months ago and re-purpose it. Repost it with a fresh take, a timely example, or even share how your thinking has evolved since.

Amber's Content System

  1. Look to Amazon reviews or the comment section of people in your niche. Write down the questions they have.
  2. Write 3-5 headlines for each question.
  3. Take out your phone and record yourself talking about each specific headline for 2 minutes. (Pro Tip: Amber recommends batching this step, allowing you top record a week or more amount of content in just a few hours)
  4. Turn each 2 minute video and audio into micro-podcasts, blogs, and social media videos.
  5. Cut them even shorter for catchy soundbites for social media.
  6. Ensure that your creating content that's contextual to the platform.
  7. Repeat

When In Doubt, Make Content That Solves A Problem For People

If you share your ideas and solve problems for people on the Internet for long enough, they will eventually find a reason to pay you.

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