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Can I Get An Podcast Player Tool Built in Exchange for Sponsorship?

Stewart Hillhouse
Stewart Hillhouse

Podlink podcast player created a simple tool that only solves one really important problem that podcasters have. Those podcasters who are on a budget are looking for cheap (if not free) stuff to help them get their voices into the ears of their audience.

A really nice looking homepage that loads great on desktop and phone. This link is simple and allows to listen just with the page, or a direct button to every other platform imaginable.

Anyways, I wanted to see how their made their money, until I found it.

Front and centre, a little video button.

A video, on an audio podcast page!?

Exactly why I clicked it.

Which brought me to a page telling me yo download Headliner. That’s it. And that’s why I checked out Heahdliner.

So that got me thinking: Could I get a sponsor to create an affiliate program if I had their link on my page? Well, if I can find a problem that some podcasters have and then get the word out – sure, why not?

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