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How To Use Podcasting To Grow Your Business with Erik Jacobson

Stewart Hillhouse
Stewart Hillhouse

If you’re reading this right now, I’m going to assume that you’re pretty bought into the whole podcasting thing. But not everyone has caught on yet, which makes it an opportune time to get started growing your business with a podcast.

Erik Jacobson is the founder of Lemonpie (, a full service podcast company. Previously, he assembled one of the best collections of business podcasts ever called Startup Mixtape (

In this discussion we cover:

Why every business should consider starting a podcast (for internal and external reasons).

What are some new business models that are evolving in the podcast space.

How Erik strategizes a podcast launch to reach the ideal audience.

And so much more. As always, let me know who you’d like to see on the show next by reaching out to me on Twitter (

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